Special Olympics participants with the MHS Shipbuilder Mascot
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4th Grader Practicing Atlatl
University of Michigan Rowing Team (Noa Sreden, back)
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New Bridge to MHS
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Photo: Susan Michaud’s second grade class explores their emotions with Portland Stage
Photo: L-R, front row: Tommy Ferolano (soph); Lucy Mercer (soph); Brook Kulis (SR); Althea Rogenes (senior; cover designer); Elena Trundy (ninth) L-R, back row: Johnna Stanton (adviser); Silas Green (ninth); Isaac Ensel (JR); Lily Clifford (JR and editor in chief); Sophia Kovacs (soph); Liam Scanlon (SR); Eliza Marco (ninth) Missing: Editors in chief and JRs--Fionna Cashman, Olivia Clifford, Caroline Skroski; Avery Smith (SR); Elliot Harkins (JR); Ivan Wolff (SR); Kassidy Hart (JR); Nizzy DeLoge (ninth)