RSU 1 BOARD GOALS 2019-2020

1. Monitor and actively participate in the Morse/BRCTC construction project. Action steps include but are not limited to the following:

1. Oversee building construction by reviewing and approving the Building Committee recommendations.

2. Participate in the Topping-Off Ceremony, which is a major milestone signifying the last piece of steel being hoisted into place.

3. Work with the architect and superintendent to identify areas that could potentially negatively affect the construction schedule and take actions necessary to keep the project on track.

2. Monitor the work plan of the part-time communications position which includes marketing the school system by highlighting strengths, telling our story, creating awareness of initiatives, and providing easy access to information.

3. Continue to monitor the district’s Response to Intervention plan, and assess the district’s effectiveness at identifying and supporting students with learning and behavioral needs. The Board will become more informed on how new positions, tiered instruction and professional development are resulting in high-quality, scientifically-based classroom instruction, improving ongoing student assessment, and reducing the need for behavioral interventions.

4. Monitor efforts of the Dropout Prevention Committee and develop a better understanding of the issues (attendance and homelessness) that affect the dropout rate. Provide support to assist in reducing the dropout rate.

5. Consider the research and logistics of switching to later start time for grades six through twelve presented by the Advisory Committee. Take necessary steps to ensure that the community, including parents, students, and staff are periodically informed about the committee’s findings and given opportunities to comment. Hold a vote on the topic by the springof 2020.

Adopted: September 23, 2019

RSU1 GOALS 2018-2019

Goal 1: Monitor and actively participate in the Morse/BRCTC Construction Project. Action steps include the following:

Continue to oversee the site construction

Review and approve the design development

Monitor contract bidding and award of the construction contract

Execute final bond in conjunction with Bond Counsel

Goal 2: Develop a plan to improve the coordination of district communication. Identify additional ways to share the district news and encourage greater public participation.

Goal 3: Continue to monitor the district's Response to Intervention plan, and to better understand how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affects the teaching and learning process.

Goal 4: Review, analyze, and update information pertaining to Schedule B positions.

Adopted: October 29, 2018