June 17, 2022

Dear Supporters of RSU 1 and Dike-Newell School,

On behalf of the RSU 1 community, I would like to thank those within the district and those from all over the state (and beyond!) for their various offers of support and contribution in the aftermath of the Dike-Newell School fire.  At this time, we have been diligently working with our insurance company and are waiting for more information from them on the coverage of what was lost.  Without a place to put items or an exact list of what is needed as we have been unable to get into the building to make a concrete inventory, it is difficult to accept donations now or determine what our needs are for wishlists, etc.  We are so grateful for all the offers of help and service, and we will be in touch soon once we have a clearer sense of specific needs and storage locations.  In the meantime, please know that our entire Dike-Newell School community can feel the support and we look forward to using everyone’s help very soon in the future when we have more information.
Thank you for all the care and kindness,

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Patrick Manuel