Sign up for pooled testing. It is not too late and pooled testing is so easy! These RSU 1 kindergarteners, Myles and Finn, will teach you how to do it. If they can do it, so can you! And, if you are in pooled testing you can stay in school and school-based activities unless you are sick.

Myles and Finn lead the way!

Dear RSU 1 Families and Staff,

We would like to remind everyone of the opportunity being offered this school year at all our schools for pooled testing and it is not too late to sign up.  

Some of the benefits of pooled testing programs are:

  • COVID-19 infections are discovered before there is enough concentrated virus in an individual to spread it to anyone else.

  • If you or your student is identified as a close contact to a positive case at school and are part of pooled testing for at least two consecutive weeks (no missed week due to a holiday, absence, etc), you are not required to quarantine from classes or school based activities.


The pooled testing is simple and quick. It requires four circular swipes at the front part of one’s nose and can be self-administered by most students. Testing happens once a week for staff and students who opt into the program. This program is recommended for both vaccinated and unvaccinated staff and students given the new information around breakthrough cases for those vaccinated.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please fill out the digital consent permission forms following the directions below. 


1. Click the correct link:   Student Consent Link     Staff Consent Link 

Note: if you are filling this out for multiple students, you need to complete a separate consent each time.  

2.  Enter the access code for where your student attends or where you primarily work:

Morse High School/ Bath Tech: 3XY5A2

Phippsburg Elementary School: ZZNKIQ

Dike Newell School: R8HFR9

Bath Middle School: 99D9WR

Fisher Mitchell School: C7Q317

Woolwich Central School: TZB95F

3. Many are confused with question #6, not knowing how to answer. The correct answer is the first selection which reads, “It is time for my recurrent COVID-19 test.”  Follow the prompted steps and submit at the end. 

Only students and staff with completed consent forms are able to participate in testing. If you do not want yourself or your family to participate, do not fill out a form. To learn more about pooled testing, read the attached Information Sheet. For more information, visit Concentric by Ginkgo’s website.


View the letter here: