Dear RSU 1 Staff and Families:

As you know from our communication last week, the Maine CDC has a method for determining “outbreak status” in schools.  A school is given outbreak status if three or more positive COVID-19 cases are identified within fourteen days of each other. The cases have to be from different households and individuals who test positive must have been in school within fourteen days of testing positive. Today, Woolwich Central School has been given an “outbreak” designation. 

When outbreak status is assigned, schools are provided a case management investigator from the Maine CDC. The case management investigator reviews all of the cases that have happened to date within a school, paying particular attention to whether or not there are any connections between the cases. After an outbreak designation occurs, all new cases are independently reviewed to determine if there are any connections. Outbreak investigations are closed after a fourteen-day period without a new logged case. 

A team of Woolwich staff and district personnel met with an outbreak investigator from the Maine CDC. The team reviewed the cases to date and the steps the building has taken to isolate and quarantine cases. The team confirmed that all of the cases to date have been the result of virus transmission that has taken place in the community. There is no evidence to suggest that there is any transmission taking place at Woolwich Central School. Furthermore, the team from the CDC did not recommend any changes to protocols and safety procedures that are in place at the school. As a result, our normal in-person schedule will not be disrupted by this “outbreak” designation. 

COVID-19 questions or concerns for Woolwich Central School can be directed to the school nurse, Roberta Sherwood at 443-9739 or  For general COVID-19 questions, dial 211 (or 1-866-811-5695). You can also text your ZIP code to 898-211 or email Call a health care provider for questions about your symptoms. More information can be found at  or   


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Patrick M. Manuel, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools