January 6, 2021

Dear RSU 1 Community,

We would like to update you on a change to our COVID-19 communication protocol.  

Since the start of school, we have updated our entire community on every incident related to COVID-19 in our district even when the incident required no action steps on the part of our staff and students.   

Moving forward, we will only be sending districtwide letters about COVID-19 cases when school-based close contacts occur, when contact tracing is required, and when quarantining is needed by individuals other than the original school community member. This change in our communication is taking place to further protect the identity of those in our small community, to ensure all communications home offer a critical message, and to cut down on the number of communications overall.    

We wanted to alert you to this communication shift, and we appreciate your understanding.  

Be well,

Patrick Manuel, Superintendent

Katie Joseph, Assistant Superintendent