Odysseyof themind

Odyssey of the Mind is a problem-solving competition that promotes creative thinking in students from kindergarten to college. The students are grouped into teams and select a problem to solve; their work must be done completely on their own without input from adults or other outside interference. The problems are broad in scope, ranging from building mechanical devices to presenting interpretations of literary classics.

The students write a script, create costumes and props, and may work with electronics, building, artwork, and other modalities, all on their own. At the competition, after months of work, teams present their solution to a panel of judges, who rate for creativity and how well the project met the very detailed goals outlined in the problem. Teams compete in Elementary, Middle School, and High School divisions at State Tournaments, with select teams heading to World Finals.

The team of seven solved  the “Opening Night Antics” problem by creating an original performance depicting the opening night of a play that did not go as planned. The play had to be based on the theme of a selected classic story. During the presentation of the Opening Night of the play, a set malfunction, an unexpected sound effect, and a team-created antic had to occur. The team created a unique solution that advanced them through the  State-level competitions, and now on to World Finals!

In addition to their play, the team was also presented with a problem on the day of the Tournament, called a spontaneous problem, that must be solved quickly utilizing the skills they have garnered over previous months of practice.

Anita Lichman, Coordinator of the Woolwich Central School OM Program, said “A successful OM team has exceptional creativity, teamwork, willingness to take risks, perseverance, and compromise.”

The World Finals will take place in Ames, Iowa May 21–24 where over 800 teams worldwide will be participating. Sponsors such as Bath Savings Bank, Bath Rotary, Mail it 4 u, Reform Physical Therapy, Woolwich Central School students & staff, Woolwich Central School PTA, Linda White Associates, Inc, Woolwich Dairy Queen, Christine Chamberlain, BIW Gate Days, Concord Coach, & countless individual donors helped to make this trip to the World Finals possible.