The RSU1 Compass Rose Logo in Blue and Gold

Dear RSU1 Community Members,

We are now in the closing stages of finalizing our budget for next year, and your participation is needed. On Tuesday, May 28th, at 6:00 p.m., we will hold our District Budget Meeting at the BMS gym. Many people do not realize how critical it is for voters to attend this meeting and cast their ballot on the budget. I urge you, if you are a resident of one of our towns, to come to this meeting and to vote on the budget. A strong representation is critical to passing a budget that is representative of the community's wishes. 

By state law, the budget approval process requires two steps:  (1) Approval at the May 28th budget meeting and (2) Validation at the June 11th referendum. In the past, some people have felt that they only needed to vote on the referendum date, but I want to reiterate - it is vital that you attend and cast your vote on the evening of May 28th, as it is the budget set by the voters on that night that is then sent to referendum on June 11th. 

Thank you for your support and participation.

Patrick M. Manuel, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Regional School Unit 1