WCS Newsletter 5.31.19



May 31, 2019

The Woolwich Way

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5/31/19 - 5th grade RSU1 Social/Dance – 6:30 - BMS

6/2 – 6/6/19 - 8th Grade DC Trip

6/4/19 - 5th Grade trip to Boston

6/5 & 6/6/19 – WCS Book Swap

6/8/19 - 8th Grade Fancy Dance – 7:00 - 9:00 PM

6/13/19 – Last day of Pre-K

6/13/19 – Recognition Night for 8th Grade – 7:00 PM

6/14/19 – 3rd Trimester Awards Assembly

6/14/19 – Last day of school K-8– 12:00 dismissal


Great things are happening at WCS!

  • The 3-5th Grade Recorder Concert and Art Show was wonderful. Parents enjoyed the art and the music!
  • Author/illustrator Kevin Hawkes visited us on Tuesday. Students loved his stories and watching him draw! Thanks to the PTA for making this experience possible!
  • Kindergarten and first grade hosted pen pals from Pittston Elementary School on Wednesday. They have been writing back and forth since October and the students were very excited to meet their pen pals in person. About 60 students from Pittston came for an hour and a half and enjoyed a snack, a classroom activity, and playing on the playground.


This Sunday, June 2nd, at 5:00 AM, the 8th graders and chaperones will board the bus to head for Washington, D.C.! Their journey begins in NYC, with a trip through Times Square and a visit to the Statue of Liberty. They will visit the Pentagon, lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, visit the Washington Monument, and tour the Capitol where they will meet with Senator Susan Collins. They will see many monuments and memorials, and pay a visit to the major Smithsonian Museums, including the Holocaust Museum. New this year, the students will be visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The students would like to thank the community for their continued support of this wonderful trip! You help us make it happen!!


With the end of the school year fast approaching, folks may have some questions. While you may always contact the nurse, I will try to be pro-active and answer a couple that are circulating. The first has to do with sunscreen in schools The 129th Maine Legislature did pass a bill saying no doctors order nor a note from a parent or legal guardian is necessary for sunscreen at school. However, the sunscreen needs to be provided by the family and it is asked to be applied at home. If it needs to be re-applied at school the child will be supervised in the re-application. A copy of the Legislative Document is hanging on my door.

The second has to do with immunizations. It has been the law that students will be up to date on immunizations before they enter public school. What changed this year is the ability to have an exemption that is non medical. What does this mean? If your child has had an allergic reaction to an immunization, or perhaps is immunocompromised and cannot receive any immunizations, your medical provider will write a note for the school stating the reason they cannot be immunized. All others will have all immunizations up to date in order for your child to attend school. If you have received an exemption in the past for non medical reasons, you will not be able to do that once this bill goes into effect. I know it takes time to get these immunizations as well as the appointments, so I urge you, if you fall in this category, to please begin immediately to have conversations with your doctor. Roberta Sherwood, R.N.,BSN, M.Ed


Look!! There it is!! That great book you lost and need to return to the library!! All library books are due in the library Friday, June 7th! Do you owe for a misplaced library book? Please be sure to settle up with Ms. Luchies before the end of the year. You can reach her at aluchies@rsu1.org A separate check for library bills will be greatly appreciated! (Check your locker, under the bed, in the car, and in your brother’s room!! I’ll bet you can find that lost book!)


Please be sure you settle your lunch bill before the end of the year. Any money left in your child's account will be there in September. And, if your child is transferring to another school in the district, those funds will move with them. Thanks for supporting the RSU lunch program! Questions? Contact Mrs. Wells at jwells@rsu1.org


The end of the year is fast approaching! You won't believe how many items of clothing are in the lost and found! Please stop by to see if your child's shoes/sweater/jacket/sweatshirt/lunchbox is here. At the end of the school year, all items will, once again, be donated to charity!


Monday is the last day to turn in your books for the book swap! In 3rd place, with 101 books is Ms Culley's 4th grade class, in 2nd place with 119 book is Mrs. Sample's Kindergarten class, and in 1st place, with 154 books is Mrs. Pols' 2nd grade class - getting into the book swap before anyone else! Look around this weekend, and bring in all your well loved books! The Book Swap will take place on Wednesday, June 5th. All those amazing books you've donated will be available for students to take home for the summer! Thanks, and Happy Reading!

PTA MEETING, JUNE10TH  6:00 - 7:30 PM

Join us for our last meeting!

On the agenda - plans for the fun run next fall and our "Year in Review"

Elections for next year's officers- interested? Email us FMI!

Special Guests at this meeting - Patrick Manuel, Superintendent, Katie Joseph, Assistant Superintendent

We expect a fantastic turnout at this event! This will be a moderated forum for discussion - please send your questions, talking points and discussion subject matter to mywcspta@gmail.com ahead of time so we can organize a flow of questions that represent parental concerns, questions and feedback.