RSU 1 Goals

Board Goals for 2013-2014

Goal 1:  Increase the Board’s understanding of programs and processes in RSU1.

  • Request from appropriate staff an end of the year assessment report on new programs to the 2013-2014 budget.
  • Maintain an ongoing understanding of the new staff evaluation process through an update from the superintendent and designees.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the special education program through presentations by the special education director and at least one outside presenter.Questions to address:what are the mandates?What drives the programming/costs?How is it managed?

Goal 2:  Continue to work on developing additional means for improved public relations within the district and our community.

  • Develop measures/processes to ensure that parents, businesses, and community members are actively engaged in the educational process.
  • Conduct a survey (or some other method of outreach)  from families who live within the district, but send their children to schools outside the system.

Goal 3:  Ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn and achieve in safe and educationally sound facilities by meeting the needs of the district with a focus on adequate space and quality learning environments.

  • Execute the renovation bond.

Goal 4:  Develop by the end of the year a tool to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of our individual providers that serve our pre-K program.

  • Build the tool; apply the tool; present the outcome of that evaluation to the Board.


Adopted:  November 25, 2013