Morse High School Building Project - Updated 12/3

Morse High School Building Project - Updated 12/3

In the Spring of 2014 Morse High School was placed on the Approved Construction Projects List by the State Board of Education.  This means that the building needs of Morse will be addressed through a major capital construction project supported by the state. 

The district has formed a Building Committee, comprised of 9 members, to begin the work on this exciting project.  Members of the committee are: Patrick Manuel, Superintendent; Deb Clark, Business Manager; David Richards, Maintenance Director; Bill Perkins, School Board Member; Steve August, School Board Member; Alan Walton, School Board Member; Leigh Ann Card, Community Member; Steve Singer, Community Member; David Matero, Community Member; Cree Krull, Community Member; Debora Keller, Community Member.

New vs. Renovate


On October 7th, representatives of Lavallee Brensinger Architects presented to the RSU1 community on the subject of building a new Morse High School versus renovating the existing Morse High School.


Project Updates

Education Specifications to go to School Board in December.  “Educational Specifications are the means by which a school administration unit describes its educational goals and activities, and the interrelationships between those educational goals and activities and their associated spaces that need to be provided in a proposed new or renovated facility.” – Maine State Board of Education.  The school board must formally vote to approve the final version of the Education Specifications prior to forwarding them to the DOE as part of the Concept Approval process.  The Building Committee and Visioning Committee reviewed the Educational Specifications at their meeting on November 5th. The Board of Directors will review this document for approval at the 12/21/15 meeting.

New School narrowed down to two sites.  The Site Selection Committee with assistance from Lavallee-Brensinger has narrowed it down to two sites to further explore.  The two properties include Wing Farm and land surrounding Bath Middle School.

School Board approves new construction.  At the October 26 meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously approved the architect’s recommendation to construct a new high school.  Thank you to all the people that attended meetings and provided input and suggestions.

Recommendation to build new.  The architectural firm Lavallee-Brensinger recommended that we build new.  Ron Larmarre at Lavallee-Brensigner outlined the reasons for this recommendation in his presentation on October 7th’s community forum.  Please see his Pubic Forum's New vs. Renovation presentation above on this page.

2014-15 School Enrollment Projections For RSU 1 - Click HERE.

MHS Site Analysis Study dated 6-22-2015 - Click HERE.

MHS Study - May 15, 2013 - Click HERE.

We would like to hear from you!  Please feel free to share your thoughts or ideas about the Morse High School Construction Project.  Your comments will be viewed by the Building Committee.  Comment Link

Please feel free to contact central office at 443-6601 if you have any questions about this process.

MHS Building Committee Meeting Schedule:
3/4/15                                                                    12/16/15 - BRCTC Rm 301, 12:00-1:00
4/1/15 - Meeting Minutes                            1/22/16 - BRCTC Rm 301, 12:00-1:00
5/6/15 - Meeting Minutes                              3/4/16 - BRCTC Rm 301, 12:00-1:00
6/3/15                                                                      3/25/16 - BRCTC Rm 301, 12:00-1:00
7/9/15 - Meeting Notes                                 4/29/16 - BRCTC Rm 301, 12:00-1:00
11/5/15 - Meeting Notes                              5/27/16 - BRCTC Rm 301, 12:00-1:00

View the Department of Education Major Capital Construction Review and Approval Process Flow Chart by clicking the thumbnail below.

The Morse High School Building Project Sub-Committees have been formed and the following is a description of each and their expected commitment.  They are advisory to the Building Committee and RSU1 Administrators.

Site Selection Committee
This committee will be made up of those passionate about the site decisions – including the site development design.  The goal of this committee will be to participate and assist in the site selection process whether it is the existing site or an alternative site.  The process will include developing site selection criteria and then screening and ranking available and eligible sites.  This sub-committee will most-likely meet 4 to 6 times and review the progress and status, with their obligation being completed in Late August or early September.

Members: Joel Austin, Leigh Ann Card, Mari Eosco, Mike Field, David Flaherty, Erika Gould, Deb Keller, Cree Krull, Garrett Olson, Kevin Shute, Stephen Singer, Bethany Wallace.

    Meeting Notes from 2015-04-29 Meeting
    Meeting Notes from 2015-06-02 Meeting
7/9/2015 - Site Walk - Meeting Notes
    Meeting Notes from 2015-11-18 Meeting

Visioning Committee
This committee will be made up of those willing to participate in community group workshops to discuss the significance of the high school to RSU 1.  The goal is to establish the community’s priorities in what makes Morse HS and BRCTC unique and how it will support the entire region going forward for decades.  The sub-committee will also provide the history of the existing high school, what it role is and wants to be in the future as the City; this may also include what the City thinks should be done with the existing high school site, if the decision is made to build on a new site.  This sub-committee will meet 4 to 6 times and be complete by the end of August or beginning of September.

Members:  Steve August, Claire Berkowitz, Leigh Ann Card, Andrew Deci, Terry Driscoll, Leslie Gallant, Tim Harkins, Lawrence Kovacs, Kelsey Marco, Karen Robbins, Holly Spence.

    Meeting Notes from 2015-04-29 Meeting
    Meeting Notes from 2015-06-02 Meeting
7/9/2015 - Site walk - Meeting Notes
    Meeting Notes from 2015-11-05 Meeting

Design Committee
This committee will be made up of educators, students, and those interested in design (all aspects from space to IT / AV and Furniture).  The intent is that faculty, staff, and students are involved and we call in your experts (IT / AV, etc…) to consider all aspects of the design.  This group will also share the discussions taking place in all other committees as it is all part of the design process.  This may be 12-15 people at times, given the discussions, and will be engaged throughout the entire design and construction phases of the project.  Meetings will take place every 4 to 6 weeks.

Members:  Eileen Beasley, Brian Bennett, Claire Berkowitz, Leslie Gallant, Erika Gould, Tim Harkins, Jessica Irish, Kyle Hietala, Jennifer Jones, Dawn Lee, James Lemont, Kelsey Marco, John Maskarinetz, Nancy Riggs, Krista Van Vleet, Bethany Wallace.

Sustainability / Facilities Committee
This committee will be made up of those passionate about “Green” systems, materials, and how sustainability can play an important role in education.  Discussions will include how the building will be orientated and shaped on the site to maximize energy efficiency to how the building itself can function as a teaching tool in terms of its impact on the environment.  The sub-committee will be engaged throughout the entire design and construction phases of the project, meeting every 4 to 6 weeks.

Members:  Eileen Beasley, Kyle Hietala, Jennifer Jones, Mechelle Nash, Eric Varney, Alan Walton, Cree Krull, George McDonough.

    7/9/15 - Site Walk - Meeting Notes

Community Relations Committee
This committee will be made up of those willing to keep the community informed and engaged through public outreach meetings, the media, and social networks.  Approximately 6 people who will be engaged throughout the entire design and construction phases of the project, meeting every 4-6 weeks throughout the entire project.

Members:  Eileen Beasley, Deb Keller, Michelle Lambert, Marc Meyers, Nancy Riggs.

  Meeting Notes from 2015-04-29 Meeting
  Meeting Notes from 2015-06-02 Meeting

Public Forums - Community Workshops - We will continue to hold Public Forums - Community Workshops, and will post times, dates and locations as they're scheduled.

4/29/15 - Notes - Pub Forum
6/2/15 -  Notes - Pub Forum/Community Workshop
6/23/15 - with MHS Alumni - Meeting Notes
10/7/15 - Notes New vs Renovate Public Forum



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