RSU 1 Goals

RSU1 GOALS 2016-2017

  1. Continue to communicate accomplishments and important topics through positive/accurate reporting in all forms of media to foster community-wide relationships and support for the district.  Consider the formation of a Communication Committee to facilitate this goal.
  2. Monitor and support the process for the Morse High School Construction Project.  In order to stay on track for a 2020 opening, ensure that the following tasks are accomplished during the current calendar school year:
    1.  Straw Poll
    2. Site Approval
    3. Concept Approval
    4. Referendum for June 2017
  3. Increase the Board’s (and public’s) understanding of existing educational programming.  The following programs will be a focus for 2016-17:
    1. Proficiency-based Education/Diploma
    2. STEAM
    3. RTI and early intervention, with a particular focus on the PreK-5 grade level
  4. Explore innovative programming/concepts with the Administration Team for our schools.  The following areas will be a focus for 2016-17:
    1. Thematic discussions at the elementary school level
    2. Take steps to increase participation in the food service program


Adopted:  September 26, 2016