Title I

Title IA, is a Federal program that provides grant money to state and local educational agencies to meet the needs of children who require additional help to learn.

The goal of Title IA is to provide additional instructional support children so that they may meet grade level learning standards.  Title IA may provide additional teachers, smaller support classes, parent activities and resources, professional development for school staff, and other support services.

Schools qualify for Title IA funds based on the percentage of children who qualify for the federal free and reduced lunch program.  In RSU 1, three of our elementary schools are supported by Title IA funds:  Dike Newell School, Fisher Mitchell School and Phippsburg Elementary School.

RSU 1 is seeking public input on the development of the 2017-2018 Title IA and Title II grants.  For more information please contact, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer, ESSA coordinator at sgorsuch-plummer@rsu1.org or (207)389-1514

For more information you may contact:

Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer, ESEA Co-ordinator  at (207)389-1514

Katie Joseph, Assistant Superintendent of School at (207) 443-6601

Our Mission

To support and challenge students to develop and apply the skills, knowledge, and character to be responsible and productive learners, citizens, and leaders in a global society.