SECTION E: Support Services

Section E of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on noninstructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation and food services.

EA Support Services Goals
EB Environmental and Safety Program
EBAA Chemical Hazards
EBBB Accident Reports
EBBB-E(1) School Accident Report Form
EBBB-E(2) Employee Accident Report Form
EBCA Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
EBCB Emergency Evacuation Drills
EBCC Bomb Threat
EBCD School Cancellation/Postponement/Early Dismissal
EBCF Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Policy
EBCF-R Automated External Defibrillator Program Protocol
ECAE Video/Surveillance Camera Policy
ECB Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds
ECB-E1 Pest Management Notification
ECB-E2 Notice of Planned Specific Pesticide Application
Use of Personal Appliances in School
ED Free School Supplies and Materials
EE Transportation Services Management
EEAA Transportation Policy
EEAEE School Transportation Accident
EEBB Use of Private Vehicles on School Business
EEBB-R Parent Permission Form    
EEBB-R2 Permission Form for Transporting Students
EF-R Food Service Program- Regulations
EFA Student Meal Counts
EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Programs
EFE Competitive Food Sales
EGAD Copyright Compliance
EGAD-R Copyright Compliance Administrative Procedure
EHA Student Enrollment Information and Reports
EHB Records Management

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