Executive Committee/By-Laws

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June 2017 to June 2019
Ann London, President 250 Centre Street Bath ME 04530 ann.london14@gmail.com
Holly Bisson Lowe, PP 04-05 49 Old Stage Road Woolwich ME 04579 morsealumni@gmail.com
Tamara Lilly, Secretary 600 Middle Road Woolwich ME 04579 tamara.b.lilly@gmail.com
Ann Edgett Carlton, 
Treasurer, PP 12-13 
309 Old Stage Road  Arrowsic   ME 04530  acarlton78@gmail.com 


Brad Walfield, 16-17 75 Winship Street Bath ME 04530 walfield@myfairpoint.net
Mike Peabody, 14-15 134 Walker Road Woolwich ME 04579 mikepeabs@gmail.com
Troy Cunningham, 10-11 834 SW Grand Reserve Blvd. St. Lucie West FL 34966 cunn269@comcast.net
Hazel Rice Meserve, 08-09 4 Regatta Lane Bath ME 04530 hazelm13@comcast.net
Vicki Underwood Trafton, 06-07 77 High Street Bath ME 04530 vicki-trafton@yahoo.com
Robert Haggett, 02-03 18 Crestwood Drive Biddeford ME 04005
Collette Beers Coombs, 00-01 8 Brookside Drive Woolwich  ME 04579 wayfarer65@comcast.net 
Brian Hatch, 98-99 14 Allen Street Bath ME 04530 bhatch68@comcast.net


As Amended 1/13/16

This Association shall be known as the Bath High School Alumni Association.


The active members of the Association shall be all graduates of the Morse High School

The significant others of graduates, all members of the School Board, while in service and who are not Morse graduates, and any person who attended Morse but did not graduate shall be honorary members, without voice in the management of its business affairs.

The object of the Association shall be to encourage sociability among the graduates, to aid in promoting the welfare of Morse High School, and to plan and oversee the annual Alumni weekend events. To promote and educate future MHS graduates on the history and tradition of the Association.

President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer to be elected every two years.
The slate of officers is presented by the nominating committee in the business portion at the alumni banquet and voted on by the membership.


(Can serve as many two-year terms as elected, so long as they are not consecutive)
Calls and presides over the alumni meetings and plans the agendas.
Attends all meetings.
Appoints special committees as needed (e.g., committee to solicit caterers for banquet or to plan and execute activities throughout the year to ensure Association is represented at town functions (e.g., Christmas Fair, Heritage Days Parade, Heritage Days table in the park, etc.)
Ex-officio member of all committees and invitee at Morse High School  Scholarship Fund meetings.
Committees report to the President and give oral reports of progress at meetings
Responsible for finalizing all banquet plans
Signs all contracts
Invites member of clergy for annual banquet
Gets volunteers for greeters in Alumni Room for Open House 
Invites local band for annual banquet dinner music, arranges the hanging of the banner over Front Street in January. 
Nominating committee chair is appointed by the President every two years
The president with support of the officers, appoints the committee chairs with exception of the endowment committee annually

(Can serve as many two-year terms as elected, so long as they are not consecutive)
At the end of the two year vice presidency they will serve a two year term as president 
Attends all meetings
Chairs meetings if President is absent
Kept informed by the President of all Association matters
Named by President to chair some special committees
Responsible for Association notices and publicity.
Contacts public safety regarding banquet details. (Sheriff, Bath PD, Public Works)

(Can serve as many two-year terms as elected)
Attends all meetings
Receives and reads all correspondence at meetings, responds as necessary
Takes minutes of all regular, special, and annual meetings, types or writes them, distributes to Officers, and has draft copies available at the next called meeting. A hard copy of all approved minutes shall be stored in the Alumni Room in the permanent file. 
Maintains current list of committees and their membership
Keeps records of all class agents
Notifies 5-year agents of meetings
Makes lists of invited guests for annual banquet
Arranges transportation for invited guests for annual banquet
Sends letters of invitation to invited guests with RSVP (contacts them personally) for annual banquet
Tracks names and numbers of respondents as banquet approaches (can change daily)
Makes name tags for head and sub-head tables for annual banquet
Arranges head and sub-head table seating with help from President and Vice President
Responsible for flowers for invited guests and for decorating around the banquet hall
Prepares banquet program and has it printed
Prepares and sends appropriate thank you notes after the banquet

(Can serve as many two-year terms as elected)
Attends all meetings.
Responsible for the savings and checking accounts for the Alumni Association Fund (receipt and payment of all bills)
Prepares Treasurer’s report for each meeting and provides at least one copy to Secretary for permanent file
The treasurer and at least one other officer must sign for any withdrawal.
Responsible for the ordering and selling of banquet tickets
Keeps head count of banquet tickets by name and year
Responsible for coordinating donations for table at annual Christmas Fair
Serves as the chair of the memorabilia committee



The Executive Committee shall consist of the current officers and up to seven Past Presidents who have faithfully served and have an understanding and interest in the Association. The Executive Committee shall be considered the Governing Board of the Association, who may appoint such other committees from time to time as they deem needful, who will act on interpretations of the by-laws as needed, and who will act in an advisory capacity in order to maintain the Association’s activity and membership. 
QUORUM -Executive Committee meetings President and/or Vice President and one other elected officer and a minimum of three past presidents.

The chair is appointed by the president, who then selects a committee to nominate the slate of officers including the banquet chair, bi-annually for presentation at the Alumni Banquet.


All members are expected to volunteer for committee work on any aspect of the banquet deemed necessary.  This committee is also expected to take an active part in all meetings of the Association. Responsibilities of Banquet Committee members are as follows, which may be assigned by sub-committee(s):

As appointed by the president
Maintain a list of committee members, provide a membership list to the executive committee at the Annual Meeting. 
Set up tables and chairs
Set tables
Decorate tables and the stage (including reunion year cards for tables)
Clean up after the banquet
Solicit and organize volunteer waiters and waitresses, as necessary
Maintain and repair tables for banquet

Assign rooms at the Bath Middle School for reunion classes
Post reunion classrooms assignments in lobby of BMS
Designates leaders to escort all classes down to the banquet

Plan and execute the details of the Ice Breaker Dance

Chaired by the Treasurer
Responsible for ordering merchandise, inventory, and sales.

Maintain Alumni Room at the High School
Collect and restore artifacts for the Alumni Room


All committee chairpersons are expected to attend all regular and the annual meetings, and committee members are encouraged to take an active part in the annual and regular meetings as called by the President.

The Endowment Fund was set up by the Class of 1935 to help pay cover losses incurred by the Alumni Banquet.  Only the interest from the Fund can be withdrawn.  Endowment Fund members must approve all transactions related to the fund.  At least three members have to sign for any withdrawal.  

The annual meeting shall be held in January of each year.  

In addition to the Annual meeting, the President shall hold a minimum of three
other meetings annually. A fall meeting, at least one meeting in the six months 
leading up to the Banquet, and a wrap meeting within a month of Annual 
Banquet. Meetings may be held during the year at the call of the President or
Vice President.

Two current officers and eight alumni members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular or annual meeting. 

Proposed changes to the by-Laws must be presented at an Alumni Association meeting at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting. By-Laws may be amended at any annual meeting by vote of a majority of those present and voting.

Our Mission

To support and challenge students to develop and apply the skills, knowledge, and character to be responsible and productive learners, citizens, and leaders in a global society.