David Minott


David Minott has 20 years of experience in the Automotive Technology related field.  His background started in the very shop in which he now instructs.  After graduation, he continued his Automotive Technology studies in Auburn, Maine then in Phoenix Arizona.  Most of his Automotive career has been focused in the dealership setting as a technician, working with GM and Infiniti.  While working in the Portland, Westbrook area, David was able to continue his education as a night school student of USM.  When the opportunity presented itself, David was able to help start an Infiniti dealer in New Hampshire where he latter found himself allergic to the chemicals he was working with daily.  Unable to work in this setting he found himself teaching at a local community college in New Hampshire for American Honda Motor Company in their PACT program.  Finding his way back to Maine, through circumstances, he worked for the Maine State Police until the position here at the center opened up where he is now able to offer a great career to students in Automotive Technology.